One Life Programs & Tours


We offer a variety of programs and tours focused on learning about traditional life in Japan and drawing connections between that lifestyle, nature, and our current lifestyle. These can be broken down into six somewhat overlapping categories:

Bicycle & Walking Tours


One Life Japan bicycle tours and Nordic Walking Tours are based on our basic belief that The best way to have a fun, healthy, intellectually stimulating and environmentally responsible vacation - to see, feel, understand, and connect with a place and its people - is by bicycle or foot. Our walking and bike tours strive to offer you a once in a lifetime vacation that allows you to:

  • Enjoy more of Japan's beauty
  • Experience more of Japan's culture
  • Learn more about Japan's history
  • Create a positive mental, physical, and social experience for yourselves and others

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our 3-7 Day Family Bike Tour that explores traditional rural life in Japan and takes advantage of an abundant natural playground that has entertained Japanese children for centuries.

For those looking for a little less structured trip, we offer the Japan Wanderlust Adventure - an open ended tour that goes where the participants want to take it. We ride along to provide the gear, support, and our advice and knowledge of Japan's history, culture, and natural features.

Local Community Support


We believe in living locally. One Life Japan started as a simple desire to create vacation options that allow participants to learn more about their own local environment instead of spending money and resources to be processed through popular tourist traps. We have expanded on that idea to create learningful vacations that help to promote the growth and understanding of the small community that has opened their arms to us, as well as rural communities around Japan.

We offer volunteer programs, seminars about traditional lifestyles, cooking, architecture, and agriculture.

We currently offer a yukioroshi program - helping to shovel snow from the rooves of houses in need, as well as a longterm volunteer program to help renew a traditional thatched roofed house.

Heritage Interpretation


Following the deinition of Heritage interpretation from Interpretation Canada, Our programs are designed to communicate and reveal meanings and relationships of cultural and natural heritage to the public, through first hand involvement with an object, artifact, landscape, monument or site. Through this we aim to forge an emotional and intellectual connection between the interests of participants and the meanings inherent in the cultural resource being studied.

We are currently planning an ongoing project to restore a traditional Japanese thatched roof farmhouse and its surrounding areas, giving participants and volunteers an opportunity to learn about and use traditional building and farming methods.

Environmental Education


Our concept of environmental education focuses not only on natural environments, but also built environments found in cities and agricultural land. We take participants through a variety of terrain and environments looking at how geography as well as human activity influences our lifestyle and decisions. We focus on gaining an understanding of complexity that includes human needs as well as natural eco-systems.

We offer customized programs for every age, from grade-school, high-school, and university students, to professionals looking to gain a more intimate view of how society's demands and desires are driven, influenced, and limited by our natural and built environment.

Food and Life


We believe that nothing influences our life more than food. As a society, our culinary desires drive us to inherently unsustainable consmption habits. Many people think nothing of buying out-of-season fruits and vegetables, nor the enegery put into their production and the environmental conciquences of such consumption. We offer programs that aim to challenge how we view our food as well as the health and social conciquences of what we eat.

Tomoe is a specialist in traditional, local, and natural cooking methods, a macrobiotic chef, and an increadible teacher. Our food and life programs focus on what we can learn from traditional, regional cooking in Japan to create not just acceptible, but desireable, healthy diets that have minimal impact on the natural environment we all depend on to support our one life.

Join us for anything from a weekend or a week to learn about traditional cooking and preservation methods. Be it making soba or oyaki from scratch, or picking and preparing your own hoshigaki (dried perssimon). We focus as much on the history and culture as we do the recipie.

Heritage Photography


Along with cooking and food, one of our favorite ways to increase interest in traditional lifestyles and endangered rural communities in Japan is through photography. All of the photographs on this site were taken by Kevin or Tomoe. We offer our photography and web-design services to organizations, companies, inns and publishers that share our desire to preserve and learn from our natural and cultural heritage.

All programs and tours we offer include an edited CD or prints of our photos of participants interacting with the locals and the beautiful natural and traditional surroundings.