Join us in the countryside of Japan!

One Life Japan offers active and educational journeys and programs designed to give participants an intimate look into country life in Japan. We value a green environment, slow life, slow food, and a bit of physical challenge now and then. Check out our photo blog to get a better image of the lifestyle we are inviting you to share with us!

The majority of our clients are couples, families, and small groups who are looking for a customized experience to fit their needs, interests, and physical fitness level. If you are interested in seeing Japan's rural lifestyle or contact us to see what we can do for you.

What We Do

Bike & Hike in Japan

Bike & Hike

One Life Japan bicycle, hiking, and walking tours are based on our basic belief that The best way to have a fun, healthy, intellectually stimulating and environmentally responsible vacation - to see, feel, understand, and connect with a place and its people - is by bicycle or foot. Our walking and bike tours strive to offer you a once in a lifetime vacation that allows you to see the heart of Japan's countryside.

Environmental Education in Japan

Environmental Education

Our concept of environmental education focuses not only on natural environments, but also built environments found in cities and agricultural land. We take participants through a variety of terrain and environments looking at how geography as well as human activity influences our lifestyle and decisions. We focus on gaining an understanding of complexity that includes human needs and natural eco-systems.

Community Support Programs in Japan

Community Support

We believe in living locally. One Life Japan started as a simple desire to create vacation options that allow participants to learn more about their own local environment instead of spending money and resources to be processed through popular tourist traps. We have expanded on that idea to create learningful vacations that help to promote the growth and understanding of the small community that has opened their arms to us, as well as rural communities around Japan.


Upcoming Programs

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Rural Japan Spring Bike navigation arrow

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Take five days to relax and enjoy the best of country life that Japan has to offer. This program is designed to offer a perfect balance between bicycle touring, allowing you to see more of the beautiful Japanese country side, and relaxed walking and cultural activities, allowing you to experience more of the rural Japan lifestyle. more upcoming tours ».

Noto Bike Adventure navigation arrow

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Spend a week exploring the Noto Peninsula by bike and foot - the way it was meant to be explored. Exhilarating downhills, acceptably excruciating uphills, coastal roads, mountain passes, local food, and summer festivals all come together to make this the most unforgettable experience you will have in Japan.

Fall Colors Bike & Hike

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This is an adventurous getaway for travellers who want to work their body but still have time to relax and take in the beauty of Japan in Autumn. Details Coming Soon!